Going to Stancon/Looking for someone to share driving

Hi all -

I just booked my flight for Stancon and couldn’t get the shuttle to work, so I rented a car. I’m getting into SFO at 9:30 pm on the 9th and leaving at 7:30 am from SFO on the 13th. If anyone wants to share a ride/share the driving and those times work for you, please let me know.

thanks much –

Bob Kubinec

My flight will be to San Jose on Jan 9. Any chance you can pick me up when heading south?

Yi Zhang

Yes I can, pick-up though wouldn’t probably be until 11 pm or so if that’s OK given when my plane gets in.

Hi Bob!

I’m getting into SFO at 8:30 pm on the 9th, and I had booked the 10:30pm Monterey Airbus (before knowing about your post).

It might be faster that I share your ride on the way to StanCon… Can you please confirm this is still on and I’ll cancel my shuttle reservation?

Thank you!

Marianne Corvellec

Hi Marianne -

Sure thing I can give you a ride. Also I should be able to leave SFO by 10 pm.

Just an FYI - I will be coming back on Friday mid-afternoon to San Francisco, so just keep that in mind with canceling your shuttle if you need a return trip at a different time.



11pm is probably a too long wait to me. I’ll rent a car and drive down from SJC around 8pm. Anyone along the line in need of a ride, let me know.

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Thanks, Bob, that’s great! I’ll cancel my shuttle reservation then (I only had one way, since my plans are open after StanCon).

I might be interested in the return trip as well (going to downtown San Francisco on Friday evening)–could I confirm the latter in a few days?

See you soon!

Hi all! I’m one of three (me, wife, kiddo) heading from SF to Asilomar any time after 5pm on the Tuesday. We don’t have drivers licenses (I recently traded mine for a nice wine glass) and would be very happy to provide $$ towards a rental car.

I am renting a car and I will be driving down from Stanford. I am leaving around 6pm and could give a ride to anyone who wants to take the caltrain down from SF or is along the way (e.g. San Jose).

Is anyone planning on driving up from LA? If so, I’d be happy to pitch in $ for a carpool!

I’d love a ride to SF Friday afternoon (midday would be awesome!). Happy to pitch in for rental/gas/coffee :)

Sure not a problem. I’m sure there will be a fair number of people driving back Friday/Saturday at different times.

Hi James -

I can upgrade my reservation to fit you all if you want to wait until close to 10 pm to leave for Asilomar.

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Landing on Tuesday at 1:30 pm in SF. I will probably be out by 2:30 pm (with customs and all). If anyone is leaving in the afternoon, I’m happy to tag along.

Else the shuttle service recommended by the Stan website is here and looks reasonable to me: https://www.montereyairbus.com

I will rent a full-size sedan (e.g. Nissan Altima) from SFO at noon of Tuesday (Jan 9th) and return the car at same location in afternoon/night of Friday (Jan 12th). I have 3-4 seats available. The total payment should be around $150 (rental, gas, insurance, etc).

Feel free to contact me via tz2261@columbia.edu

I’m willing to share.


I’ll be heading to Asilomar from Chico, CA on Tuesday, time flexible, and happy to swing by the Bay Area. Room for 4 (with 3 in a row in the back seat).

Feel free to contact me via eroualdes@csuchico.edu


I’m scheduled to land in San Jose around 5pm Tuesday and just need to be back Friday evening. I have a rental car booked if those times work well for anyone who is looking for a ride.

I am driving from Phoenix to Asilomar and will either leave late on the 8th or early on the 9th. I have a small mustang that could fit one additional person with luggage. I would be happy to pickup any person on that route. Reply if you would like to join me on my journey to STANCON.


Hello Saudiwin

I am getting into SFO at 7:30 pm on Tuesday January 9th and I would like to share a ride with you to Asilomar if it is possible. I am willing to wait until 10 or 11 pm.

Thanks in advance.
Best Regards
Fausto Fabian Crespo

Hi Fausto -

Sure thing absolutely. We should be able to get out of SFO by 10 pm at the latest. My email is rmk7xy@virginia.edu so just reach out to me there.