Stan Con: Airport to Cambridge

If we hit critical mass (4+), it’s worth splitting a cab from the airport to Cambridge.

I myself arrive at London LTN at 11:30 am on the 19th. Hit me up if you’re interested in sharing a cab.

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I get there on the 19th at 11:10 am (Delta). I’d be happy to travel with you if both our flights arrive close to the same time.

Delta doesn’t fly to Luton @syclik

(Edit: this is a very confident message but I’m pretty sure it’s true. Apologies if they’ve changed that.)

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@anon75146577, thanks! Yeah, I didnt check the 3 letter code careful and forgot about Luton.

I’m flying into Heathrow at 11:10 am on Monday. I’ll probably catch the bus to Cambridge.