Going to Stancon/Looking for someone to share driving


We have 2 spaces in our car and can pick up people at either SFO around 8:30 pm or SJC around 9:30 pm. If you want a ride, dm me and I’ll send you my number.


Oh, no! My flight got delayed (1 hour 45 minutes) because of an ice damage on the original aircraft. They found another, safe aircraft. So, instead of landing in SFO at 8:33pm, it looks like it will be 10:14pm (this ETA just changed by a few minutes).

Are some people going to be there that late?.. (I have a checked-in bag to pick up.)

I have a backup car rental with Avis/Budget at 11pm (that I was going to cancel if everything went smoothly, but it looks I may need it, and I’m happy to share if someone wants to join).


I’m currently at San Jose area dodging traffic. Anyone need a ride down around 8pm, let me know.


Happy ending: Bob and Fabian are kind enough to be waiting for me… I’m currently at the baggage claim.


Anybody still in LA and going to drive up? My flight from LAX to MRY just got cancelled after a 2 hour wait. I’d be happy to share the costs and whatnot, I just want to get there tomorrow on time…

My email is sskim@caltech.edu.


That sounds terrible. I hope you can make it up.


Yikes, no, they had to rebook me with a flight arriving late tomorrow. Any chance that you videotape or record Ben’s morning lecture and other talks/presentations?

See you all tomorrow.


Hey everyone! Last day at the StanCon (ready for the 7am class!) and I would need to go back to SF today, does anyone has a slot for me? Otherwise I’ll need to leave before 2pm to catch the (only) bus and miss the last talks :( I’m willing to share expenses, obviously!


Hi jriou -

Yes I am driving back to San Fran, leaving sometime after 3. We have an
open car spot.



Thank you very much but I found a way! Cheers!