StanCon 2018 is live!

Registration and submissions for StanCon 2018 are open! For details see Andy’s blog or the event page.

Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions in this post where we’ll answer them as quickly as we can.

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I’d also suggest adding a photo or something—it’s really amazing out there. The beach has its own Wikipedia page (which Discourse kindly cuts in with an image):

so there are open-source images to be had. Asilomar and Dagstuhl are my two favorite conference venues ever—totally worth the commute.

It might help encourage people to sign up if there were some hints on travel. I don’t know if there’s public transportation of any kind, but there are shuttle buses from airports. Google says it’s a 80 miles from San Jose airport and 115 miles from San Francisco airport.

It might also help to have a landing page for potential sponsors. I don’t know how other conferences do this. JuliaCon didn’t have anyting, but NIPS has a minimial sponsorship page.

Don’t want to let the side down, so you can just replay my comments from last year—move that 2018 closer to StanCon on the logo—there’s too much inter-word space as it is now. The intra-word spacing looks fine to my amateur (French sense!) eyes.

I added a “Location” section with some pictures and info about Asilomar and its distance to airports.

Never quite sure how much sponsorship stuff we should put out there, but if people think that it would be helpful then I’m happy to add a separate page.

I updated the logo in all of 30 seconds but it’s unlikely that I’ll do all of the kerning by hand as I did for the official Stan logos! Definitely not with Inkscape being as hard to use as it’s been since updating to Sierra.