Bayesian approach in life course epidemiology using Stan

So excited to share our paper on a Bayesian approach to investigate life course hypotheses.
Not a complex model, but one of the first using Bayesian approach in the field.

Here is the link -

A note:
I am PhD candidate, in Dentistry, and self taught Stan through manuals and blogs. Stan completely changed the course of my PhD. Now 4 manuscripts in my PhD uses Stan and brms package.

A big salute to the whole team and all those who shared their knowledge in the forum.


Thanks for sharing that. I hadn’t seen this kind of model before. And it’ll give me something to talk about with my very geeky dentist :-)

Cool. We’re trying to get better teaching materials to plot a course from basic math to applied Bayesian stats. The blog recommends a lot of papers and that is probably the best place to go next—domain-specific or general methodology papers. And there are books like Statistical Rethinking to start with general methodology and theory and Bayesian Data Analysis as the next step.