Master thesis in bayesian statistics (possibly using Stan)

I am at my last year of MSc in Math Engineering with focus in applied statistics. I discovered Stan during the bayesian statistics course and I used it for a data analysis project. I found really helpful this forum and I started to really like this community. After further exploring this world I also found an interesting collection of case studies which I recently started to explore.

Now I am looking around to find a master thesis topic both inside my university and externally. Since I would like to focus on bayesian statistics, I thought it could have worth it to post this topic. Is there anyone, possibly from an (european) university, interested in offering a master thesis on some bayesian subject? If so, I would be interested in exchaging some words (also by PM).

Thank you!


Hi Federico, where are you based?

I am from Italy, Milan. I am a student of Politecnico di Milano (School of Engineering of Milan)

Hi Federico, glad you’re interested in Stan!

There are some very good statisticians doing Bayesian statistics and using Stan in Italy, for example in Trieste and Padova (@LeoEgidi and colleagues have been doing a lot). They might have good suggestions and/or opportunities.

Hi Federico, and Hi Aki and Jonah,

Thanks Jonah for your nice introduction, As Jonah said, in Padova (where I got my PhD) and Trieste (where I am currently working as Postdoctoral researcher) people are using Stan for various projects, mainly in splines theory, sports models and biostatistics. If you wish, you can contact me directly at:


and we can speak a bit about some opportunities and try to figure out how to get you involved in Bayesian and Stan topics.
Do not hesitate to reach me ou directly


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Thank you @jonah for the informations.

Ok, thank you @LeoEgidi. I will write you to know something more!

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