About the Project Proposals category

This category is for proposing programming or research projects for Stan. If you are interested in helping to resolve any of these issues then put together a small proposal, no more than a few paragraphs, on how you would tackle the problem and post as a new topic in this category.

We are eager to support new contributors to the project. At this time we have not curated a list of self-contained programming or research projects appropriate for internships or independent projects.

If you are interested in making a programming contribution then we recommend that you take a look at our longer term to-do list, and issue trackers, for example the core Stan issue tracker. Additionally, we recommend that you read through the introduction to new developers, to familiarize yourself with how these issues are managed.

Similarly, if you would like to contribute a feature not listed in our to-do list or issue trackers — anything from new algorithms to new visualizations to case studies to modeling techniques — then post a short proposal to the above forum clearly laying out the scope of the contribution and preliminary implementation details.

Students interested in internships may submit the proposal directly to Andrew Gelman at gelman@stat.columbia.edu.