Stan needs your help: Writing and fixing documentation

Are you using Stan for your everyday work, study, or fun? Have you wondered how you could help or give back to the open source project? Here is one opportunity if you can spare an hour or two.

You are most likely aware of Stan’s User Guide, Reference Manual and Functions Reference and how great and helpful all the documentation is.

We do, however, need help improving it further by fixing typos, adding missing function documentation, and other miscellaneous tasks for the next Stan release coming in late January. If you are interested in helping out please post on the overview issue here: Docs for Stan 2.26 release - issue to track progress · Issue #298 · stan-dev/docs · GitHub

Examples of issues that need to be addressed:

  • add docs for new overloads of size() and log_mix()
  • add documentation for lambert_w0, lambert_w1, and container construction utilities
  • expand docs on elementwise operations
  • fix capitalization in titles
  • explain the use of transpose operator in an example model
  • fix a typo in the Dirichlet distribution
  • fix typos in the MRP chapter
    If you need any sort of help on how and where to start, do not hesitate to ask here or on the issue.

You can contribute by submitting an actual pull request or just posting non-formatted text in the relevant issue. Everything is appreciated.

Thank you!


Thanks to Malte Kyhos and Alan O’Callaghan (not sure on their Discourse usernames, sorry) we have already squashed four issues!


Another shout out and thanks to @Simon for a pull request that will close another 5 issues!!