Feature request for documentation

Some projects, such as the book R for Data Science, include a “view source code on GitHub button”.

I would like to request the Stan documentation includes a similar feature. This would allow users to easily suggest fixes.

For example, this page Runtime warnings and convergence problems (mc-stan.org) currently appears to have a Markdown formatting error:

Further reading on divergences: - Identity Crisis - a discussion of the causes of divergences, diagnosis and treatment. * Taming divergences in Stan models a less mathematical but hopefully more accessible intuition on what divergent transitions are. * A Conceptual Introduction to Hamiltonian Monte Carlo

In the time I created this post, I could have also submitted a pull request to fix the typo.


Our main docs use Bookdown like r4ds does, so we can probably add such a link there. However, the page you link to is not part of our documentation but rather just a page on the website, so it is found here: stan-dev.github.io/misc at master · stan-dev/stan-dev.github.io · GitHub


Thanks @WardBrian . I submitted a pull request.