UK Stan Course

Dear All,

We’re (Jumping Rivers) hosting a two-day introductory RStan course at the University of Newcastle in the United Kingdom from December 18th, 2018. The instructor is Sarah Heaps, who not only is an excellent statistician but is also an avid Stan user.

If you’re are on our side of the Atlantic and interested in learning RStan, then please come along. We only have a couple of spaces left (Booking form)




Sarah’s also doing really cool Stan applications using HMMs for time-series models. We like her work so much that she’s one of the keynote speakers at StanCon coming up in Helsinki.

The feedback from these courses has been really great and I can add my own two cents (tuppenny?). Sarah let me have a look at her teaching material a year or so back when she was visiting Columbia and they were so impressive I vowed I’d do a better job of my own in the future. Having everything be runnable knitr is awesome as is having a bunch of classroom-tested exercises. She also showed me the light of the Tufte format, which lets you have a through-line with side notes, which I really like for this kind of material.

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