Troubles with Discourse


Icon in upper right -> gear icon -> gear icon -> notifications -> there’s a tab that says “consider messages new …” and you can select “when I haven’t read them yet”.


I ninja’d in to Bob’s account and changed that setting. Hopefully that will do it.


@betanalpha, want to ninja into my account and change my notification settings too? I feel like I’m missing a lot of posts.


Anyone opposed to a “Stan Core” group with a matching private section? We can limit it to only the core developers (listed on the webpage). Not sure if we should make it completely private or read only for those outside the group. I’m thinking it would be useful for governance discussions, etc.

The developers category mimics what we had before where it was read all, post with permissions. We give out permissions pretty freely. We have this as the default because early on we had it open and ended up with a flood of comments that weren’t really relevant to the development discussion. We could change that policy now if think that’s better.


I think this is related to the governance issues we’re trying to resolve about how we decide things and how open it’s all going to be.


Yes. I wrote this before getting to the governance thread.

I was thinking that we could give the dev team a little recognition on the forums even without figuring out what to do with governance.


Another potential issue - posts on here don’t tend to show up on Google, as far as I can tell. Anyone know if we have an unfriendly .htaccess or there’s some other setting we have to disallow search engines from indexing posts?


The robots.txt is set to allow searching, not sure where else to look for possible issues. You can be made an admin if you want to dig deeper.


Is there any way we can hint more strongly to users to use ``` for escaping code? I’m getting tired of going in and editing so many different posts that come out completely garbled from Discourse’s markdown trying to guess what all the indentation means.

Editorial rant: I really don’t like all this fancy markdown that guesses what you’re doing with what would otherwise be ordinary text—the escapes are fine.) Take that, © and ® and what not. I really wanted to write (C) and (R) but you won’t let me!


Should we sticky a post that’s sort of a “how to use the forums”? (maybe under General?)

We can also add templates to posts, but they get annoying too.


Can we simplify our categories? I find having 9 top-level choices a bit too many. Anyone else agree? (I was thinking about where to put a “how to use the forums” post and just found it disorienting with 9 different top-level categories.)


And how is it that we can’t get LaTeX rendered on the forums?!


Yes, anything other than the greyed out thing that disappears is too annoying. I just want instructions.

A sticky post can’t hurt.

The real problem is that topics are cross-cutting (interface and topic), so I’m not sure the best way to organize.

I think LaTeX is an issue with Discourse not wanting to install the plugin on their side.


A couple things to note:

  1. If we bumped up our service level with Discourse, they now support a MathJax plugin:
  2. Our current level only allows 5 “staff users”; that’s 5 people that are either admins or moderators. The next level bumps it to 15. We’re at 5 now.


I thought our current level was free. I don’t see that on the page you linked.

I don’t think we can justify $300/month for MathJax on the forums!

I didn’t realize we were limited to 100k monthly page views and 10GB storage. Any idea if we’re anywhere near hitting that?

If the only way to support Discourse at some point is $300/month, I think we should look for alternatives.

Typesetting in LaTeX in the discussion forums

I bet we could persuade them to apply the 85% educational discount
(rather than the 50% non-profit discount). The discount details are
further down the page.


Yes, we currently get the Standard plan for free. See:

Exactly how I feel. Also for $150/month.

Looks like we’re hitting the monthly page limits, but not the storage limit.



4K pageviews/day? That’s awesome—it’s almost to the level of Andrew’s blog, though not nearly as high per post!


Discourse enabled mathjax!

Testing: p(\theta \, | \, x)

\alpha + \beta