Troubles with Discourse


Whoa. Looks like it works.

Inline math in single dollars: $.
Block math in double dollars: $$


Fantastic! We need to amend the title of this topic to Troubles and whatever the opposite of Troubles is.


It seems like there are some issues quoting MathJax now. Not sure if this is an issue with the installation here or upstream.


Discourse is hosting us. (Thanks, @discourse!)

Not sure what we can do about it. Quoting is a little difficult, even for things like code blocks.


Yup—seems like they do a naive screen grab rather than finding the underlying formatting for any kind of markup.


Just found out that I haven’t been getting notifications for 2 weeks now. My emails have been bouncing.


only issue I’ve noticed: if you right click “open new tab” at least with centOS/google chrome, the counter for # of people that clicks a hyperlink does not increment, so the summaries are biased… just something I noticed.