Proposal: shorten Discourse email notification title

Hi all, I’d like to propose a minor improvement to Discourse. I’d like to shorten the email subject line from:

[The Stan Forums] [<Category>] <Title>


[Stan] [<Category>] <Title>

On my phone email client, the titles get truncated due to having there be so much boilerplate subject line.

If anyone has opinions on this, please feel free to comment. Maybe there’s a better format for email titles than what I’ve suggested.


Seems reasonable to me! I hadn’t noticed this but now that I check my phone I see what you mean.

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Looks reasonable to me. Maybe wait a day to see if someone reacts after this reply has bumped this up?

EDIT: Maybe a better mobile friendly subject would be [Stan] title [category]? So that you can filter by category but it doesn’t show immediately?


That sounds good to me!

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I just changed it. Hopefully it looks better.