StanConnect 2021: Ecology Part 1 is tomorrow!

Hi all,

Just a reminder that StanConnect 2021: Ecology Part 1 will be held tomorrow at 12:00 pm EDT (GMT-4).
It will be a wonderful symposium. Details here of the program are here.

The event will be held over Zoom. The event is free, but registration is required to prevent “zoom-bombing”. Register here!

Note that there is also a part 2, scheduled for next week. Details here and registration here.

Tagging people who expressed interest on previous threads but are not yet registered as attendees for part 1. If you are tagged here but have registered, it’s possible that I just don’t know your real name!
@Christopher-Peterson @lizzieinvancouver @anhsmith @cavieresJJ @caseyyoungflesh @JMeekes @bernibra @Daniel_Hocking @Richard_Erickson @zhrandell @mattwilliamson13 @KyleCoblentz


Just wanted to say thank you to the organisers and all the speakers for a great session yesterday - really interesting and I learned a lot!