Open call for StanConnect event proposals

Building on the previous successes of StanConnect events, we would like to continue hosting these types of events for the Stan community. We are currently looking for folks with interest in coordinating an event, with the help of members of the Stan Governing Body. Topics can be centred around a community, such as Stan for Ecology, or around a specific modeling framework, as broad or narrow as that may be.

Moving forward, we would like the events to be a combination of presenting novel results but also facilitating uptake of the methods by having presenters go over the Stan code used. For this aim, we will create a GitHub repository for each event where users can access the Stan code that was presented in the further hopes that this allows for easier uptake by the community.

StanConnect events will be hosted online to ease with recording the sessions. If interested, or simply want to learn a bit more about what organizing a StanConnect event might entail, please feel free to reach out at:

Past StanConnect events are available here: Stan - Events


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