Stan Google Group is not publicly readable

I was just tipped by @Nazanin (thanks!) that the old Stan Google Group cannot be accessed by people who are not members. While logged-in into my main Google account, I can read all the contents of the group. While logged in into another Google account (or not logged in) I see this:

This seems unfortunate as the group still contains a lot of valuable and relevant discussion. I am not sure who manages the group, but could it be made read-only accessible to everyone?


@SGB – let’s investigate why this went member-only and see if we can change it back. If anyone knows any back story (was this intentional decision? a natural consequence of some group permissions?), please let send us a message on here.


this was set up a long time ago by either @betanalpha or @syclik.
looks like default is to make things private - also looks like there’s a security leak if you make things public -

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Any updates on this? I still can’t access!forum/stan-users without logging in.

I took time to read the links by @mitzimorris and if I understand it correctly the problem described at the links is that companies used Google Groups for private communication and accidentally left the groups publicly accessible. So I don’t think there is any possible security leak for a group that was always intended to be public

You’re in charge of our forums now @martinmodrak, so I think the thing to do is try to get the login for Google groups from whoever may have it. I just checked and I don’t have admin privileges.

What’s surprising is that the posts are still indexed by Google. I just searched for an old one on HMMs and found it.

Makes sense, I’ll tag @jonah if he knows who has the admin rights.

Thanks to @syclik I got admin access to the group and it now is publicly accessible again.