How private are personal messages?

A link to this topic is shown when users compose personal messages. This topic is part of documentation of how to use this site best. Responses are disabled, contact @martinmodrak or create a new topic if you believe this text should change.

Discourse let’s you send messages to other discourse users. Which is great and some of our users prefer to be contacted this way. We should however note, that Discourse (the software running this site) grants site admins (see list) the ability to read all messages sent via the site. As a matter of internal policy, administrators will not access private information without explicit approval from the affected user or - under exceptional circumstances - from the Stan Governing Body. We however think you should know about this possibility.

Additionally, we cannot provide very strong guarantees of security for this site as a whole, so please don’t use private messages (or anything else) to send any truly sensitive information.