Google Group Migration

Is there a plan to migrate all existing discussions from there to here or we are supposed to search both places before posting a question?

As there is no such migration mechanism at the momen we would appreciate the double search but understand if you miss something in the old list. Note that much, if not all, of the insights from those old threads has made their way to the manual and our papers/case studies so be sure to check those out first, too.

Perhaps all Stan users can volunteer and migrate their posts.

Sorry for the bump, but today there are migration mechanisms for this:

Thanks for the reference. @martinmodrak — are you also in charge of this kind of thing? I’m a terrible sysadmin and would probably just wind up erasing Discourse if I tried it.

Thanks @StaffanBetner for the link!

No, I don’t have admin rights to neither Discourse nor the Google Group and I don’t think I am qualified to do this (like I could do it if totally necessary, but would have to relearn a lot of stuff).

My personal opinion is that doing the import now is quite risky (if I read it correctly, the link assumes you are importing a Google Group into a fresh Discourse instance, so the code might not be tested/designed for importing into an already quite active instance).

OK. That makes sense. I think making the Google Groups searchable again is a good compromise. Thanks much for tracking down people and config to do that.