Stan and RL Qlearning models

Hi Stan Experts,

I recently opened a new lab. We are working with computational RL models, and recently started diving into stan. We have some code working, but we also have questions and want to feel more confident that we understood things right.
I guess what we really need is someone that know stan well, and can dive with us into the type of models we are working with. At this point I feel the forum is a less appropriate platform for us - since we need someone that can see the full picture of what we are doing, and give advice and some tutorial time. Following this post I was wondering how I can ask for help. We can pay for expert hours, and we are more then happy to offer collaboration on the coming paper(s).

What will be the right way to find someone? Is there a place that I can post an ad?



Hi Nitzan,

When most folks post jobs they just put it in the title. There might a jobs tag that you can use as well. Like here is an example: Data Scientist position at SilviaTerra


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