Paid mentoring

Hi All,
I’m working as a DS and doing my PhD (remotely). I feel like I could greatly benefit from guidance. I’m looking for an arrangement akin to mentorcruise (pay and time commitment) where I can get access to someone weekly / fortnightly to improve my stan modelling and work through a bunch of problems I have, and develop best practices by using stan in implemented engineering solutions more efficiently.
Is anyone open, or know of anyone, interested in mentoring in that capacity?
Australia - East coast based.



Hi Steve,

I don’t really have the capacity for extra work at the moment (also East Coast Oz though!), but have you thought about expanding your advisor panel to include someone who can specifically provide guidance on Bayesian modelling or asking to audit (take for free without assignments) a Bayesian class at your dept? Hopefully there’s a way to avoid having to pay for advice and mentorship in your PhD! :)

Best of luck!



Hi Lauren,
Thanks for the message. I see your point. Team is pretty large at the moment, but certainly not from a coding perspective. Whilst my PhD is in Quantitative Marine Science, and some of the problems I have are with code in that space, other areas of interest relate to my Data Science job (condition monitoring with Heavy machinery and assets)… I’ll continue the hunt.
Thanks again, Steve

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