SBC StanConnect Tutorial - discussion thread

This is a thread to discuss anything about the tutorial on SBC that will be held was held at SBC StanConnect. The tutorial materials (which you can follow on your own) are available at SBC Tutorial - Index

Are you unsure you got the bonus questions right? Not sure you understood everything well? This is the place to ask!


I run into an error in Exercise 2. When trying to use the compute_results() function as follows:

results_gamma <- compute_results(
  datasets_gamma, backend_gamma)

I get the following, repeating error:

Dataset 1 resulted in error when post-processing the fit.
Calling `recompute_statistics` after you've found and fixed the problem could let you move further without refitting
Error in fit$draws(format = "draws_matrix"): unused argument (format = "draws_matrix")

Thanks for reporting! Looks like you have an older version of cmdstanr installed. I didn’t realize we depend on that, we probably need to add a minimum version requirement for the SBC package. Can you progress if you update cmdstanr ?

I tried to upgrade and was running into the same error. Then I upgraded to R version 4.1.1 and had to install the developmental cmdstanr version and I was able to run it without errors.

Thank you for the tutorial!

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