SBC pre-tutorial assistance thread

SBC StanConnect tutorial staff (@martinmodrak, @Dashadower, Teemu, and I) will use this thread to assist you with SBC tutorial before the conference. Please do not hesitate to raise issues or ask questions ranging from installation to modeling here. We will happily assist you. See you soon!


I’m looking forward to this, but some things came up and now I’m not sure if I can attend. Will this be recorded?

Using R 4.1.0 on mac OSX
cmdstanr not available for this version of R.


Yes, we plan to share talk recordings. Not sure about the tutorials, though.

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Hi Nathan,

Can you try installing the development version by running this on your R console:

# install.packages("remotes")

That’s great!. I too, won’t be able to attend. Any idea when the recordings will be available (so I can place a reminder in my calendar)?

Hello, I got the following error when installing:

Error: Failed to install ‘SBC’ from GitHub:
‘local_makevars’ is not an exported object from ‘namespace:withr’

Curious if anyone else had the same issue

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What’s the version of withr you have installed? Seems related to Why shows Error: 'makevars_user' is not an exported object from 'namespace:withr' - #5 by Paule_ka . I would expect install.packages("withr") to resolve the issue. (at one point we had to recommend users to downgrade their withr - New error: cleanup_makevar(old) : argument "RMU" is missing, with no default - #30 by stevebronder - but that should be no longer needed).

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I was on the downgraded withr based on that old advice - glad to be past that issue. Updating withr fixed the problem for me. I was able to install the SBC package.

Thank you Martin!

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