Run rstan on AWS


I searched a bit and found there are people using rstan in AWS. I had everything ready in AWS. Now I am testing it out. If anyone happens to run rstan in AWS and have some resources to share here, I’d appreciate it a lot. Thanks agian.


Great question @ffwang2011, I would love to read what other people are doing and whether there is some agreement on best practices. Is anyone else using remoter? In case you want to try this workflow, I wrote some basic notes on how I do it.


FWIW folks in our group tend to use rstan on AWS with EC2 instances and Docker:

  • start an EC2 instance, exposing any necessary ports in the security group settings (e.g., 8787 for RStudio server, or 8888 for Jupyter notebook)
  • ssh into it
  • (if necessary) install docker
  • then run your Docker container that has an RStudio server instance or Jupyter notebook/lab
  • connect via web browser and do your thing

Here’s an example Dockerfile:

Another good option that would be more straightforward: Louis Aslett’s RStudio AMIs -