Results of election to Stan Governing Body

Hi all. Voting is now closed for the Stan Governing Body (election was announced here: Election for the next Stan Governing Body).

28 out of 39 people in the electorate voted, for a 70% participation rate. The approval votes summed to:

Bill Gillespie 22
Leah Comment 22
Jonah Gabry 25
Susana Marquez 23
Imad Ali 21
Bruno Nicenboim 18

which means that the next governing body will start with Bill Gillespie, Leah Comment, Jonah Gabry, Susana Marquez, and Imad Ali.
@billg @lcomm @jonah @Susana_Marquez @imadmali

Thanks to everyone to voting, and special thanks to the six candidates for offering their services to the community in this way. We anticipate that during the forthcoming year and onward, there will be many opportunities for all of us in the Stan community to contribute in various ways.


The (former) Stan Governing Body

Julie Bertrand
Michael Betancourt
Jonah Gabry
Andrew Gelman
Daniel Lee
Sean Talts
Lizzie Wolkovich


Someone needs to update the website to reflect this change. Also will the email address still work?