Resources for modeling patient factors and covid clade/phylogenetic information?

I may have work coming down the pipe that involves covid patient outcomes, patient information, and genetic information about the particular covid variant that they have. I have not worked with phylogenetic models before. I am thinking that is what I might be doing though, if I have phylogenetic information on the different strains (we will be doing WGS on the virus samples). (this and maybe spatial information)
I have worked quite a bit with multilevel models in brms.
Does anyone know of some good online resources (preferably with examples and code using brms) that shows how to do this type of analysis?
Sorry I can’t provide anymore details, but I don’t have any data yet. I am trying to do any homework I can, beforehand. Thanks!

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Have you checked out this vignette?

I also think this chapter by Villemereuil and Nakagawa might be of interest.
And finally, Chapter 5 in my PhD thesis might also give you some ideas.

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Yes, I have read the brms vignette.

Great, thanks! I will check those out.