Pystan and httpstan maintenance hiatus

Hi everyone,

I’m planning on taking a break from pystan and httpstan maintenance starting in September. My work developing and maintaining software such as pystan has been supported by my job at Indiana University. In September, I’m taking a leave from this position to work on another project. As a result, I’ll likely have no time for maintenance tasks.

pystan and httpstan are in excellent shape. As of this writing, they support the latest version of Stan (2.35). If anything serious comes up before September, I’ll be available to fix it.

I’d welcome someone volunteering to take over maintenance (or fork) the two packages. Assuming Stan C++ doesn’t change too much, I’d say that the most difficult part of maintenance is making the httpstan release (building and publishing the httpstan wheels to PyPI).

Best, Allen


Thanks for letting us know, @arriddell.