Httpstan 1.0.0 released

The first stable release of httpstan is available. With this release users can now specify initial parameter values when calling the default sampler (stan::services::hmc_nuts_diag_e_adapt). The jump to 1.0.0 reflects the fact that all major and minor loose ends have been cleaned up. The documentation has also been improved.


Cool. And congratulations on finishing it.

Should this be in the announcements rather than developers category?

I thought about posting it in the announcements category. I posted here because httpstan is really aimed only at developers.


Cool! Thanks for posting. Is that what you get when you download PyStan now?

Not there yet. Still dogfooding the next version of pystan. If I can
write an entire paper without the slightest complaint, I’ll announce a
beta. That’s the plan right now.

PyStan beta milestone is here:

We’re also still on 2.19.x. Switching to not-header-only compilation is
going to take significant work.

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I’d never get anything done if I held my releases to that standard! On second thought, maybe that’s because I complain too much.