PyStan 3 Release Schedule

The PyStan 3 Roadmap has been updated. It now includes dates indicating when PyStan 3 will be released.


  • Feb 25: 3.0.0 Release Candidate
  • Mar 25: 3.0.0 Final

Dates are tentative.

Remaining Issues

There are no issues which would block a release right now (15 Feb). More people testing the package may reveal bugs which could delay the release.

There are three things which would be nice to have before the release candidate is tagged on Feb 25:

  1. A plugin system so that developers can extend the functionality of PyStan (#129). A plugin system would allow developers to write, say, a plugin which automatically runs HMC diagnostics when sampling is finished.
  2. Touch up and merge the User Interface Guidelines design document as it is the basis for the PyStan 3 API.
  3. Show effective sample sizes (#150). Let PyStan use stan::analyze::compute_effective_sample_size (via httpstan).

Help would be welcome with the third item. I (@ariddell) intend to focus on the first and second items.