PyStan 2.17 Schedule

What’s the anticipated release date of PyStan 2.17? I have a course in a few weeks that will be based on PyStan and if will be ready in the next few days then I’d wait to send out installation instructions until the release is ready.

Do they use Windows? If not, then nothing is probably goimg to change.

There are some problems with our tests on travis.(timeout). After that a few PRs needs to be merged.
I would like to update the pystan/ file for windows usage, but that can probably go to the next release.

Assuming there are no big changes anywhere near stan::services (doesn’t
look like it), I think getting it out by Monday might be possible.

FYI: no support for #include planned in 2.17.

@ahartikainen Having windows support in 2.17 would be great.