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Dear STAN community,

I need to parallelize a model run. Reading the docs (incl. threads) I learned that (pystan (I use 2.19) and Windows (use Windows 10)) is not the best combination for parallel runs with stan.

Reading the docs I guess I have 2 options:

  1. install cmdstan and use sum_reduce
  2. use pystan and use map_rect

I would highly appreaciate your comments:
Q1: In case I use sum_reduce with cmdstan, is the code below likely to be successful?
Q2: Can you hint me to a source, which describes how covariance matrices can be used with map_rect. I did not find something that helped me.
Q3: What is longterm the best horse: cmdstan or pystan (system: windows & python)?

// in functions:
        real partial_sum1( real[,]  W, int start, int end, real[] W_mean, real[,,]  L_COVMAT ){
           //  used for sum_reduce ( which is not yet ready in pystan )
           // W.. matrix with [N,4]
           // W_mean... vector with [4]
           // L_COVMAT... array with matrices [4,4]
            return multi_normal_cholesky_lpdf( W[start:end,:] | W_mean, L_COVMAT[start:end,:,:] );

// in model:
    target += reduce_sum( partial_sum1, W, grain_size, W_mean, L_COVMAT ); 

    // the above should parallelize this:
    // for (i in 1: data_n) {
    //     W[i,:] ~ multi_normal_cholesky_lpdf(W_mean, L_COVMAT[i,:,:] );
    // }

If you’re committed to Windows and can’t use the Linux subsystem, then I’d suggest using cmdstanpy. It plays more nicely with Windows because it doesn’t need to run Stan’s C++ in the same environment as Python.

It looks OK, but anything that evaluates a bunch of multivariate normals with different covariance matrices is going to be slow.

It’s just a matter of packing matrices into arrays and then unpacking them. It’s a lot of index fiddling, I’m afraid. But you should probably stick to sum_reduce if you can.

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Thanks you Bob,
If I like it or not I am bound to Windows and since I decided to continue with cmdstanpy things changed positively for me.
Kind regards