On line Training for using R Stan

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I am a Data Scientist using the R language. Fascinated by Bayesian Statistics, I spent considerable time and understood Computational Bayesian Stats and thought my ordeal is over only to discover that I have to learn to code with R Stan Programming routines. Tried to learn on my own and then gave up. Are there any courses MOOCs where this part is taught and demonstrated well. Even to download STAN, there is no unanimity and different sites direct us to different sources. So please help. Thanks

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@avehtari is making a MOOC Bayesian Data Analysis course that is in the 1st edition and has 300 students and 50 voluntary TAs. Since you are well-versed in Bayesian Analysis you could ask to join as a volunteer TA and help with the Bayesian stuff while learning STAN. Or you could wait for the second edition of the course and enroll as a student.

EDIT: most what I’ve learned is from Stan videos and reading the Stan manual. You can find videos from these channels:

If you want I have compiled all in a personal playlist that I use to bundle Stan stuff together: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpTXaEnTpmwPG0iote1aSZQUBjPngFN6B


I have lectures here, though they don’t cover install.

Thank you so much. I am joining the course as I am not so much well versed in Bayesian as you have presumed.


Thanks Mike. It is great help