New way of packaging Stan models in Python

Hi all -

This is the announcement of the first version of cookiecutter-cmdstanpy-wrapper.

Do you have a Stan model that you want to distribute as part of a Python package? This template provides the extra work and Github Actions scripting to use CmdStanPy to build pre-compiled versions of your model as part of the Python Wheels for MacOS (x86-64 only, for now), Linux, and Windows. This means that the end user does not need the C++ toolchain installed if they are on a supported system, they can just install the package using pip.

This is based on work I did with the Facebook Prophet team to enable the same capabilities for their package. This is an alternative to some older methods based on PyStan which don’t work on Windows or support the latest versions of Python.
A really basic example of something using the template can be found here.