Converting sccomp from rstan to Python - paid work + addendum authorsphip on the paper

Hello All,

I would like to convert sccomp

from rstan to pystan, to produce a python package.

I have some funds to support a contractor position. Plus, a authorship addendum for the current paper will be requested to PNAS journal.

Please spread the word if you know someone interested. It should be a pretty straighforward task.


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have you considered using CmdStanPy instead of pystan?

cf: CmdStanPy 1.0 - #3 by WardBrian

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For R, after have implemented both versions rstan and cmdstanr, I opted for rstan because it’s a bit too combersome develop packages with cmdstanr.

I through that it would be the same for pystan cmdstanpy, but I would be ok with both, if a user-friendly python package can be developed.

I have edited the title of the post.

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Hi Stefano,

I’m definitely interested, could you message me with some more details on what exactly you’d like to do and your timelines?


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I have had great luck using ChatGPT (4, not 3.5) to convert R code to Python code for me.

I don’t think there’s any packaging we have in Python with PyStan that’ll let you generate a binary package the way you can with the tools based on RStan. Hopefully @ariddell will correct me if I’m wrong about that.

I do everything in CmdStanPy now. It’s on PyPI so you can write other packages that depend on it fairly easily. But, a user is still going to need a C++ toolchain to make it run.

@mitzimorris: CmdStanR is not on CRAN, so you couldn’t write a package that depended on CmdStanR.

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@WardBrian has built conda-forge installers for both Cmdstan :: and Cmdstanpy :: which will install a C++ toolchain for Windows, Linux, and Macs.

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I don’t know of any for PyStan. For CmdStanPy, I have developed GitHub - WardBrian/cookiecutter-cmdstanpy-wrapper: Easily wrap a Stan model in a Python package

This is based on the work I did with the Facebook Prophet team to streamline their install process in Python. They had previously used PyStan, but lack of windows support pushed them off of it


D’oh. Of course. When I asked @mitzimorris she mentioned you had something like this. And I think you mentioned it to me when you were working on the prophet refactor.

Is there a reason it’s on your GitHub and not on stan-dev?

Could someone do the same thing for CmdStanR? If so, that may be an easier to maintain solution than RStan.

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I wouldn’t mind if it was moved to stan-dev. It was just easier to do on my own, and avoided any question of if the project-at-large would sign off on the solution it presents. We do link to it from the cmdstanpy docs

I don’t know nearly as much about the state of R binary packaging, but I expect it would be possible

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and would someone be willing to go the extra distance and put cookie-cutter cmdstanpy 4 R on CRAN?
“on CRAN” is seen as:
a) a good distribution channel
b) a version control mechanism

we need an R developer who’s willing to deal with C antankerous R ipley, A rrogant N uisance – any volunteers? (thanks to ChatGPT for decoding the acronym).

regarding reason a - why hasn’t the R community moved to R Universe?

Hi Stefano,
If you are still on the lookout for someone, I would be intrested as what you are wanting done is within my skillset
You can reach out to me on my email here

Thanks @Colin and @kiran I will be in contact soon. I will be able to spend from March, but I can contact you soon to talk more.