Looking for a Web Developer to Redesign Stan Website

Hello! We’ve had a lot of good discussion from the community about how the Stan website (mc-stan.org) could be improved. The @SGB is looking for a web developer to work on a redesign of the website. If you are a web developer and are interested in working on this project (or know someone who is) then please email the SGB at board@mc-stan.org with some examples of your work.


Web front end development has become pretty specialized. There are at least three distinct things we need:

  • functional UX design—what’s the content and how is it organized?
  • graphical design—what’s it look like?
  • technical design—how does it get rendered in CSS/Javascript, etc.?

Whatever we do, maintainabilty has to be a major concern. We can’t have someone hand off something implemented in something we can’t maintain.


Yeah, absolutely. This will definitely be a requirement.

Yeah I think the idea would be for the developer to implement things in Jekyll/Hugo which would make it easy for us to maintain. We probably should have mentioned that in the request.

Bonus points if they can come up with a better data/page layout in the source than the current YAML directory mess.

Now that I’ve done a couple of these sites, I realize the directory layout isn’t fixed by YAML/Jekyll/Pandoc, but varies by template.


Is hiring an individual a project requirement or can a company apply as well for this project ?

A company is probably OK, but the @SGB needs to answer this. Also, when someone’s hired, it should be indicated on the top of this thread.

Yeah a company is fine too. In terms of where we’re at in the process, we haven’t hired anyone yet so it’s not too late, but we are already in discussions with some potential developers.