Website Design Interviews for New Users


First of all thanks to all who have commented about issues with the website and feedback on how it could be made better on various threads throughout discourse (e.g. here and here; please let me know if I’ve missed out on any discussions). We’ve been keeping track of all the comments so that we can make sure that everyone is heard.

The @SGB is currently working with an external company to help us with the redesign. We have gotten a lot of feedback from long-term users and developers and plan to incorporate as much of that as possible into the redesign. If there’s additional things that you’d like us to consider please feel free to let me know. In addition to existing users/developers, the redesign company would like to get some input on how new Stan users are using the website and how their experience can be made better. If there are any new users (who have been using Stan for less than ~1 year) that are willing to be interviewed about their website experience please DM me through discourse or email, and I can connect you with the project manager to schedule an interview.