Joint model

Hi, I am working on a joint model. Many examples I found are to joint a mixed model and a survival model. I am wondering the feasibility to use Stan to integrate ODEs inside a survival model. Anybody has experience on that? Thank you.

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I guess “joint model” is a very broad category, I am not sure if there’s a technical basic definition for it, but I’d say it’s anything with more than one parameter – maybe a better one would be “anything that could otherwise be inferred separately, or can be logically separated”.

So in principle, yes, Stan can be used for all sorts of joint models, but we would have so see if there’s anything in your specific model that is not very standard. From what you describe it seems like you would have some sort of multilevel model where ODEs would be used at a lower level to compute some property for a survival model on the level above. I worked on something where survival models went into a dose-response model, so it’s opposite hierarchy and not ODE-based. If you can’t find in the literature examples of the exact (or similar enough) model you are trying to set up, maybe you have to do it yourself from scratch, and when you get to specific issues this is the place to ask.