IWOCL (OpenCL and parallel C++ workshop) is free and digital/online this year

IWOCL / SYCLcon is a workshop on OpenCL, SYCL (an attempt to single source heterogeneous computing - kind of close to what we are doing with the Stan Math OpenCL backend) and everything related to parallel C++.

This isnt really a Stan related conference but enough people here are interested in OpenCL and the future of parallel C++ that I thought I gave a heads up since its online, on-demand and free.

@tadej is going to present our (honestly - mostly his) work on the kernel generator - which is awesome by the way. There are many other interesting talks and panels: https://www.iwocl.org/iwocl-2020/conference-program/
Me and Tadej were planning on going anyways but Covid-19 has changed the plans to something more conveniant.

Not sure if registration has an upper limit or not, its all free.

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Cool! They said they had a record number of submissions and you got a real paper in. There’s a publicity category if you have a copy of paper or slides you’d like to link to, @tadej.

P.S. I wrote my first OpenCL code the other day for an n-body simulation optimization. It’s like magic!