9/22 noon EST: stanc3 pair programming / onboarding, focus on OpenCL/GPU integration

@rok_cesnovar and I are planning to pair program on stanc3 on Tuesday at noon EST and will be streaming it on Twitch and recording it, if everything goes well. It’s the first time either of us are trying this so it might not work or be totally boring but I wanted to post it here just in case.

I’m expecting to start out spending a decent amount of time introducing Rok to some decent workflows in OCaml and in our stanc3 codebase in particular (which tends to borrow things from Jane Street’s workflows, as they’re the biggest place using OCaml in production and they have open sourced some serious tooling around OCaml).

Then we’ll get to actually trying to implement the algorithm we’re talking about in this thread: Stanc3 Math lib opencl integration

Should be fun and embarrassing and I encourage folks to tune in and see us struggle together, and ask questions too.

Twitch stream will be here: https://www.twitch.tv/seantalts