Stanc3 compiler development meeting?

Hi all,

In 2019, there were some meetings and discussions about OCaml for the stanc3 compiler. Are those meetings happening still? If not, is there a place besides the GitHub to talk about development?


There arent any stanc3 specific meetings going on at the moment. I guess the best place would be either here, the Discussions on Github Discussions · stan-dev/stanc3 · GitHub or the weekly Stan meeting.

Anything in particular you want to discuss?

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Nothing in particular, beyond wondering how someone could contribute! Looks like GitHub issues/discussion is the way to go.


That is great to hear. Thanks for considering contributing to the Stan project!

How and where to start mostly depends on what your interests are. Have a look at the issue tracker (Issues · stan-dev/stanc3 · GitHub) and if any of the issues interests you, just comment there and we can help you start. Dont hesitate to ask.

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