Installing a specific version of rstan

Is there a way to install a specific dev version of rstan?
I tried to add version to the following

install.packages("rstan", repos = c("", getOption("repos")), version = "2.21.3")

But without success. 2.21.3 was the last version I was using without problems.

The default dev version keeps just killing my R session and giving all different sort of errors.

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The code should work… Maybe 2.21.3 is just a specific version that’s not available (I think CRAN has 2.21.2). I think the last resort is to find a specific commit in the rstan GitHub repo and use remotes::install_github to pick that commit (you’ll also need to specify subdir)…

Unfortunately, it appears that we stopped tagging rstan releases on the Github repo, which is something we probably want to fix? @bgoodri , @jonah ?