How to update my Stan version?

Dear Stan community,

My Stan version is 2.26.1 and my rstan version is 2.26.3.
I would like to update my Stan version from 2.26.1 to 2.31.0. I first uninstalled the rstan and then re-installed the rstan, as this previous topic (Rstan version is 2.17.3 but rstan::stan_version() is 2.17.0) suggested.

But it didn’t work. May I know how to update my stan to 2.31.0?

Thanks in advance


(Do we have a link somewhere which has the instructions needed so I don’t have to ping you?)

Hi @WardBrian ,

Thanks for your reply and help, I hope there is such a link…

There’s no standard recommended link, since the 2.31 version of rstan is the ‘experimental’ version - so can only be installed from github:

remotes::install_github("stan-dev/rstan@experimental", subdir = "StanHeaders")
remotes::install_github("stan-dev/rstan@experimental", subdir = "rstan/rstan")

I see, thank you very much @andrjohns . I might have one more question, when I update my current rstan version, I found that the stan version is 2.21.0 (stan_version()). I wonder is this version the one primarily used at the moment?

2.21 is the current version on CRAN

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