R packages using Stan at the moment


StanHeaders & Rstan are right now out of sync version wise. Can I still submit an update to my R package which is based on Rstan or is it better to wait until this settles?

If waiting is better… is there an educated guess for when Rstan 2.21 hits CRAN?

@bgoodri ?

(in case you need a hand for Rstan… lemme know)


Better to wait. The status is

  1. StanHeaders is at 2.21 but needs a minor update to fix the undefined behavior I put into the vignette. I am waiting to see if any more changes are needed before I do so.
  2. rstanarm is at 2.19.x but needs what I thought would be a minor update to allow its vignettes to work on platforms that do not have a sufficiently recent version of pandoc. However, winbuilder won’t let rstanarm pass because it thinks it crashes on 32bit Windows. So, I am worried RBesT, etc. will have the same problems when build against StanHeaders 2.21.x and rstan 2.19.x.
  3. rstan is at 2.19.x and I am going to try to upgrade that to see if that avoids the problems rstanarm is facing. But rstan is the hardest one to go through all the reverse dependency checks.

And then there is 2.20 …

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