How to increase size of output from multiple plots

I am trying to adjust the height and width of the output comprised of the plots of the posterior draws of multiple variables, using the mcmc_combo() function (trace and density plots), as the size does not scale with the number of variables:

Code sample:


draws <- fit2$draws(
    variables = param[-5],
    inc_warmup = TRUE,
    format = "df"
pars <- grep("lam", names(draws), value = TRUE)

mcmc_combo(draws, pars = pars)


As the image shows, the graphs get too truncated to display the y-axis altogether.

I then tried plotting the variables one-by-one, using lapply():

lapply(pars, function(x) {mcmc_combo(draws, pars = x)})

As you can see, the plot window remains the same size, and the graph(s) are stretched to fit the window.

It would be better if I could fix the size of each individual graph, and have the plot window adapt to this instead. How can I accomplish this?