How to create robustness plots

Hi All,

My apologies if what follows seems ignorant or simplistic. I am new to the world of bayesian statistics and of brms. I wonder if you could provide me with guidance on how to create a figure that shows how the Bayes factor varies in accordance with prior width. In other words, and Ralph that would allow us to examine whether a particular value of a Bayes factor is robust to changes in the width of the prior.

Is there a pre-existing R package or function for this?
Thank you very much in the advance, for your help.

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Tarandeep Kang

I am not aware of anything prepackaged, but it should be relatively easy (but computationally demanding) to create your own. Essentially, you would run a for loop over a set of prior widths you are interested in and in each iteration fit a model with different width and compute the Bayes factor. Then you just plot the resulting data with any plotting package you are familiar with.

Thanks, that will be easier than expected. The tip is much appreciated!