Mcmc_plot intervals with thicker CI lines?

I’m plotting the posterior distribution intervals of my model but when I paste the plot in Word the credible interval lines are too thin and you can barely see them. How can I make them thicker? and the dot showing the mean/median bigger? I have customized other parts with ggplot but I can’t figure out how to change this. Thanks.

  • Operating System: Mac
  • brms Version: 2.13.0

Have you looked at the vignette? The probs and probs_outer arguments seem to be what you’re looking for. They should work with mcmc_plot() as well

yes I have, but that only takes care of the percentage for each interval. I don’t think you can change the thickness of the lines or the size of the dot for that matter.

Oh wow, I totally misread your question.

Looking at the function’s source code, it appears that there isn’t a way to do this. If you’re feeling adventurous, you could probably make a custom version of the function, modify the size argument of args_inner and args_outer, and put bayesplot::: in front of any function that R doesn’t recognize.


OK, I will try that! Thanks

I’m not opposed to adding this to bayesplot (it might just have been an oversight originally). So if you want to open an issue on github with a feature request or even submit a pull request (if you do end up making this change yourself like @Christopher-Peterson suggested) then that would definitely be welcome!


Thanks, I just submitted a feature request. How do I know when this feature is added? As I’m writing a paper and I need this plot, thank you!

I had a free moment now, so I just added this on a branch in the bayesplot github repo. I responded over on GitHub but I’ll put it here too for anyone else interested on the forums:

If you install that branch of bayesplot using

devtools::install_github("stan-dev/bayesplot", ref = "mcmc_intervals-size")

then you should be able to use the new arguments inner_size, outer_size, and point_size. Does that do what you were looking for? Sometime soon I’ll make this into a pull request and so we can get it into the next release, but you should be able to use the version on that branch in the meantime.