Help needed with web design: Stanc3 online demo

As you may be aware, our Stan-to-C++ transpiler Stanc3 is compiled to executables and a Javascript file.

That means it can be simply integrated in a static web page to showcase its functionalities. Which is exactly what we did:

This is meant to showcase what stanc3 does. Currently, you can:

But… it’s really ugly and has a 1990s vibe to it. Before we can think about sharing this with users on a Stan webpage, we need to make it look nicer and use a web browser code-editor for Stan code, like for example

Is anyone interested in helping it look nicer and more user-friendly? The repo is located here:

I know my way around CSS but have no taste or design skills (exhibit A for that is seen on the link) and am also currently swamped with other tasks.


Discourse told me your thread needed some love. Rah rah!


Whatever that color theme you use I want it in my emacs(currently sunburn dark mode).


:) That would be Tomorrow night. I use the prism.js highlighter
And I think originates from