@seantalts do you have access to the list of proposals? Did anyone end up submitting? I realized this year that that time for what should be a last push to connect with students (i.e.-two months ago) is when I do things like taxes and figuring out the summer camps for my kids and such. I really would like to make this work out at some point because I think it could be a good match for some Stan projects but I’d really need to really plan the outreach stuff way ahead of time. (or maybe I’m just out of the loop and you got everything to work out ? :) )

I didn’t get everything to work out - I don’t think we have any submissions. I also basically had no idea how this worked and sort of got stuff together last minute. I think next time to attract students it’d be good to spend some more time writing more general-purpose fun sounding proposals at least, maybe publicizing them a little even. Looks like this is the dashboard:

Ok, sounds about right given the effort we put in :) I’m game for doing that work for next year, I just need to do it much earlier (e.g.-December, basically)

I know the dashboard, I just can’t log in, something’s broken for me.