.gitignore in math

I’ve been wondering why the current .gitignore file for math does not include *-test. Without it git status is unusable, as all generated *-test files are marked as uncommitted. I have added it to my copy, but it’s always a bit of a pain whenever I rebase branches, as that forces me to stash that change.

What do other people do about this? If I post a PR about it, will it be accepted?


Sure! Just create an issue (looks like some of your text can be used for it) and then submit a PR to do it.

I don’t know of a good reason why it wouldn’t include *-test. If there are other things that you want to clean up on the Math library, please feel free to! It’s a big project and paying down technical debt is really appreciated.

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I was mainly checking that I didn’t miss anything obvious before filing a trivial issue. Thanks for your answer, I’ve now created an issue about it.

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I had assumed they were in .gitignore because I don’t see the test files in math when I execute git status.

What happened is that I somehow created those files when I started developing stuff, and I never removed them, assuming they were constantly being regenerated. I’ve then cleaned them up and now I can’t reproduce what I did, so the current .gitignore file already contains all necessary rules, and my workaround above is not actually needed.

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