Getting started with continuous variable analysis

Beginner alert!

I’ve spent the last weeks reading about Bayesian analysis but I’m struggling to figure out how to start with my problem, or even the correct terms for what I’m trying to do.

I have some data which I’ve collected from the movement of stock prices and I’m looking at how they perform in the days after particular events. I’m calculating the results using traditional statistical analysis tools and displaying that data alongside a half-violin raincloud plot:

I’m interested to see how I would, instead, go about analysing this data in a Bayesian fasion instead, especially given that the underlying assumptions for calculating the means, sds, and p-values probably don’t hold true for this data (This example might not be so bad, but many cases have quite a small number of data points.)

Can anyone point suggest anything I could read which would help me getting started specifically with this type of data?

Back in 2018 some folks gave a talk around forecasting stock prices

Might be a place to start?