Few of questions on <offset= ... ,multiplier= ... >

I like this new feature as simplify the code a lot, however I have few doubts for which I could not find much information around.

  1. The combination <offset= ... ,multiplier= ... ><lower= .., upper = .. > seems to not be accepted. Is there anything I am missing?

  2. It would be great to be able to specify a vector for offset

vector<offset = vector[N] >[N] alpha

Is there any plan to integrate this?

The reason being that if I have a big model for third party execution of which 10K+ parameters (encoded as vector) have a value of roughly a known value I could avoid to waste the initial 50 iterations in order to find the scale

Would the second best thing be to set initial values?

  1. If I set offset to speed up adaptation, I imagine I don’t have to specify initial values, or this still plays a role?

  2. For variational inference is there anything to worry about in the use of <offset= … ,multiplier= … >?